Artist of the Week: Zeale

This week we are featuring one of Austin’s finest up and coming hip-hop artists, Zeale.  He played over 12 shows during SXSW, and we will be playing two of  his tracks back to back on tonight’s radio program.  We always try to find solid, underground hip-hop and we have been taken aback by Zeale’s free-styling techniques.

You can also check him out at  The Robot Parade at Beauty Bar, Friday April 30th, hosted by our pal Neiliyo. Knuckle Rumbler, DO512 and others are presenting another baller dance events, this time celebrating Zeale’s EP release, along with GOBI, L.A.X., and a DJ set by Hot Britches and Richard Gear.  Make sure you RSVP for this shizz!

Make sure to tune in to The Party Line radio program TONIGHT by streaming live from your computer at! We are on 10-midnight and will be playing some super badass dance, rock, and hip hop.


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