Neiliyo “Runnin’ #Errndz” LP

Neiliyo is at it again.  He just released a new LP, “Runnin’ #Errndz”, which is super baller.  We personally love the use of the hash-tag in the title, and don’t you sound totally gangster when you say “Ernndz” aloud?  Yes, yes you do. He actually lists off his personal list of errands I mean errndz in the track “Real Time (Ernndz)”.

AND the one and only steve leeve from our favorite masher-upers, The Hood Internet, did the artwork.  Look at Neiliyo’s little boat shoes! Just look at ’em!  His funky electro-pop sound and schnazzy synths will definitely make you “get your sneakers on” and “make sure the speakers on” and have a mega footloose dance party.

Standout trackz: “Micropop” and “I Just Love Making Music”

Also, check this fool’s website and follow his tweetz.

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