[Review] Electric 6 @ Emo’s – Austin, TX

Electric 6 have apparently played Emo’s twelve times, and I’ve seen them there 7, and all in just over 3 years. To say that Electric 6 is a touring machine is a huge understatement. But relentless touring allows them to perfect their live set (which they undoubtedly have), adopt a large following, and be supported by a slew of awesome acts (i.e. The Willowz, Bang Camaro, Local H).

Electric 6, fronted by the ridiculous Dick Valentine, bring in the type of audience you would expect in a dive bar. Everyone is three sheets to the wind and ready to rumble (There have been at least a few scuffles every time I’ve seen E6), but they friggin’ love this band.

This time around, hot off the release of Zodiac, the guys brought forth the rock with grungy guitar riffs and a great cover of The Spinners‘ “Rubberband Man.”

The Colonel

Smorgasbord! (Left) and Johnny Na$hinal (right)

The Man himself, Dick Valentine.

Silk, it's what's for dinner.


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