Happy Valentine’s Day: “Lovers” Mixtape Part 2

LL Cool J | “I Need Love”

Considered to be the first hip hop ballad, “I Need Love” showed a softer side to rap, paving the way for sap crooners like Drake (much to my dismay). Make no mistake, the song still swoons the ladies like it did in 1987.

Red Hot Chili Peppers | “Love Rollercoaster”

Despite the urban legend that you can hear someone being murdered during an instrumental part of the original song (check out  the Ohio Player’s version), it’s the Chili Peppers’ version that I love. Most of that love may be because it was recorded for the Beavis and Butt-head Do America soundtrack…

Usher (feat. Young Jeezy) | “Love In This Club”

If you need a love anthem that is still club-friendly, Usher is your go-to guy. He’s the closest we’ve had to our generation’s Michael Jackson (until he decided to ride the Beiber coat-tails full-time), and girls will always hang on Usher’s every word.

Haddaway | “What Is Love”

If you thought we would leave this gem off the list, you were sorely mistaken. Despite going down in history as “that Saturday Night Live song with the dudes bobbing their heads,” Haddaway’s only hit will forever live in my heart as an extremely cheesy 90s song.

Andrew W.K. | “She Is Beautiful”

Screaming this to your valentine may invoke more fear than doe-eyed romance, but they will certainly give you credit for the insane amount of partying any Andrew W.K. track brings out of a person.

The Darkness | “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”

I don’t care who you are or what music you listen to, anyone and everyone will sing along to this song, which makes it a never-miss when it comes to Valentine’s Day playlists. And the guitar solos, LORD, the glorious guitar solos! Also, it’s about “love” or something.

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