About Us

Who are BC and Merch?

BC= dude | Merch= lady

What do we do?

We find the best of underground dance, rock and hip-hop music and share it with you through mixtapes, podcasts, interviews, daily posts and DJ sets. We go to shows, festivals and events and snap our own photos and shoot our own videos.  We do it all.

How can you listen?

Each month we craft a Mixtape that has ranged from “No Limit Millionaires Mixtape” to “Kanye and the Masters of the Universe”.

Each month we record a Podcast with music and comical banter, featuring “Merch’s Mash-Up”, “BC’s Throw Back Jam” and “Artist of the Month”.

Each week we feature a track ‘From The Vault’ that we haven’t listened to in awhile, but we still love to jam.

Each day we post tracks, videos, articles and more to share with you and add to your music library.

Where did we get started?

BC and Merch were the producers and hosts of “The Party Line”, formerly a specialty show on KTSW 89.9 radio from January 2009 to May 2010. Then we graduated and never stopped. |The Party Line on-air  promo|

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