Angel Haze is Cray!

Have you heard about this chick? Angel Haze. She is pullin’ out the baller Aailyah look, but spittin’ out rhymes like a combination of Luda + Drake. I’m all confused but impressed, even though her stuff is a lil’ dirtayyy. Just check out this video. I mean, she’s throwin’ bills in kids faces with a Freddy Krueger hand.


Daft Punk – “SNL Commercial” Remix Edition


It’s amazing what someone can do with a 15-second music clip. Since Daft Punk debuted the ambiguous ad during Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, DJs and producers have been remixing the hell out of it. Note that the 15-second ad featured only a Daft Punk logo, some un-named new music, and their two robot heads.

People didn’t know if that meant DP was going to release a new album (it’s been 8 years since Human After All), a new song, or if they were just going on new tour. A few days ago, they announced a new album, Random Access Memories, with a release date of May 21st.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite remixes of that 15-second clip for your enjoyment.

1) Basic Physics turned the funk down and the Rave up on his remix. It takes a bit to get there, but you’ll be fist-bumping in no time.

2) WarholaFake gave us his interpretation of what the entire song could sound like. I think he’s pretty close to what Daft Punk may have in mind.

3) My personal favorite, Chicago DJs/Producers, The Hood Internet, extended the clip and mashed it with Justin Timberlake’s fantastic, “Suit & Tie.” Awwww yeah.

NYC in ATX Fashion Event 12/20

We are stoked to be helping out with NYC in ATX on December 20th! Merch has been wheelin’, dealin’ & putting shizz together with our buddy and event host Jonathan Valdez of OJ&B. BC is going to be the DJ for the night – so you know it’s gonna be good.

You can Discover and shop ATX’s very own Wanderlust Boutique and enjoy styling tips and a fashion show styled by host and NYC fashion blogger Jonathan Valdez. You can also visit with the Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting for a chance to be discovered and win a Page Parkes scholarship at their brand new ATX location.

The fun continues while you enjoy cocktails and sweet treats from Treaty Oak Distilling & SugaPlump Pastries and dance to music from DJ BC!

Here’s the Facebook event page for all the info, holler!


Merch’s Top-5 Most Anticipated Sets @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

5. The Helio Sequence – Yay! I remember finding out about these guys when I started in college radio as a freshman. Brings me back to the good ‘ole college days.

4. Schoolboy Q Recently found out about this guy who’s really talented and gives me hope that hip-hop is still going strong! He has great inflection and isn’t monotone like some crap rappers. Go see him, he’ll get ya dancin’.

3. Hannibal Buress – I’ve been listening to this guy for a while, and nobody can beat his delivery. When he came to Austin a few months ago he sold out, so catch him while he’s at the fest!

2. Icona Pop I’m a big fan of strong front ladies, and this group has two. High fives! These chicks also make me reminisce my Spice Girls days, which is a great thing. Icona Pop – “I love It”

1. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic ZerosI know, I know, not really the indie-underground pick I should have gone for, but I really want to see this band live. They dress amazingly and there’s like 15 of them…well, not that many. I know we’re all nearly worn out on their most popular hit “Home”, but still want to see the crew considering I never saw Ima Robot.

Twin Shadow + Niki and the Dove @ Mohawk

OMG do you know what is going down this weekend? Of course you do. Two nights of dance magic involving Twin Shadow and Niki and the Dove. As stated above in red, Friday is sold out fools! You better go buy yourself a ticket for Saturday while there’s still some left. We will be dizzy dancin’ and snappin’ pics and will give you a little recap next week. Here’s a little tizzaste of what you’ll be hearing, or missing.

Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”


Eyes Lips Eyes | “Ghosts” Video

Here’s the new video from indie-poppers Eyes Lips Eyes, knocking out the 11th track (out of 12 total) from their year long no-album concept. The video was shot on location at The Cube, and at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills where the Rolling Stones are rumored to have lived during the 70s.  The Cali natives came down during SXSW where we caught their insane, lively show.  These dudes are awesome, so check out their hipster-glam video.