B.o.B. feat. Coldplay & T.I. | “Never Lost”

This previously unreleased B.o.B. track has started tearing up blogosphere lately, and I can see why. Coldplay’s “Lost” proves to be an epic sample. There are also rumors saying this may be the first track released off of T.I. and B.o.B.’s (supposedly) upcoming collab album, The Man & The Martian.

B.o.B. feat. Coldplay & T.I. | “Never Lost” [mp3]

[MASH-UP MONDAY] Mashup-Germany | “Top of the Pops 2011(What The F*ck)”

If Girl Talk did far more cocaine than he (undoubtedly) already does, and he was a much better and more creative prodcuer, you would get Mashup-Germany. We’ve already done write-ups on his fantastic Chiddy Bang/Iyaz mash-up, and included his insane “Enjoy Yourself” mash on this year’s Summer Sampler.

“Top of the Pops 2011 (What The Fuck)” is essentially a “greatest hits” mash-up of almost every pop track imaginable from 2011. There are over 25 samples from this years Top 40 songs (you can see the full list here), and they all combine to form one insanely over-the-top dance/house/pop fiasco. Prepare to hear this a million times on New Year’s Eve.

And, as usual, Mashup Germany includes a kick ass mash-up video. Enjoy!