Top 9 Best Wallpaper Songs Everrr


In anticipation of Wallpaper’s upcoming second full-length album, Ricky Reed is Real, we’ve collected the best of the best, the dopest of the dope, the crunkest of the crunk, etc. etc. etc. of Wallpaper jams. I imagine Ricky Reed wrote each song while consuming gallons of Four Loko laced with glitter and blaring Michael Jackson tunes.

9) I Ain’t Most Dudes

Man, Wallpaper’s first album, Doodoo Face, was a perfect testament to early part of Michael Jackson’s solo career. Sheer pop/funk brilliance. “I Ain’t Most Dudes” sounds like New Edition’s “Candy Girl” if they were singing about partying in addition to picking up the ladies.

Best line: You are my orange juice//Got to have you every day//Eat you with breakfast and mix you with champagne (That’s a mimosa)//I can show you how to make it

8) Blake Griffinin’

Essentially, this is Wallpaper’s “HAM,” except it’s about Blake Griffin is just a really cool guy. I imagine Blake Griffin listens to this every day. That clap-clap beat is epic, tho.

Best line: You foul out with the chicks five minutes in//I wear em like rings//Scottie Pimpin em

7) Puke My Brains Out

This song is so batshit insane, I don’t even know where to begin. The grinding guitar tears into a party banger. If you feel like throwing beers and going completely nuts, this song is for you. Just keep it off the carpet, please.

Best line: Still up-and-coming//Haven’t came yet//Cuz I’m a zombie//Brain dead.

6) Shotgun

The vocal layering and “girls vs. guys” call-and-response bridge in “Shotgun” will force even the most silent of listeners to sing along. And when that bass hits, you best be dropping ‘bos like your life depended on it.

Best line: I said “Hey, champagnin’! Got no plans in the mornin’.

5) T-Rex

Sweet synth meets cheesy pick-up lines. It’s all a girl has ever wanted.

Best line: I go big on the weekends//I go T-rex

4) Fucking Best Song Everrr

Is it hip hop or is it pop? It’s hip hop. No wait. It’s pop. No wait… it’s Spanish? Seriously, I don’t know where Ricky Reed was going with this one, but I friggin’ love it. It’s a great tune for a night drive with the top down and all of your friends are singing along. Or, if you’re just drink, sloppily trying to tell your buds how much they mean to you. “Cuz you’re like… the BEST, man. I love you guys.” And then you pass out on the floor.

Best line: I think that she want me to get up in her tummy//That’s why the call me “gutsy

3) ddd

Start out my snapping along, then let the bass groove pull you in. This is one of my favorite Wallpaper songs because of the ridiculously hilarious lyrics. Take it from Ricky Reed: Don’t throw a party at your model girlfriend’s loft because some homeless dude will steal your iPod. Or something. I don’t know. Let’s go to Trader Joe’s.

Best line: My friends are always telling me, “You’ve got gangster sensibilities”//I’m like “Duh duh duh. I don’t know what you mean, but I’m really glad you’re feelin’ me”//My girlfriend’s always telling me, “You gotta start paying utilities

2) I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted

This song is my JAM. It’s got a killer groove beat and you can’t help but break it down during the chorus. It even has a few guitar licks straight out of MJ’s “P.Y.T.” Ricky Reed’s lines are more cocky than Kanye West. Dude’s a lady killer.

Best line: I gotta say I’m lookin’ good//I’d hit on myself if I could


This is the THE party anthem. For any party. At any time. Just have a huge subwoofer and plenty of booze. Within the first 2 seconds of “StupidFacedd,” you know this song is about to make your head explode. Ricky Reed brings out the Barry White baritone vocals and throws enough trunk-rattling bass at you that your grand kids are gonna come out shaking.

Best line: Face-down in a blood-stained carpet//Get chicks at the farmer’s market//White girls buy produce//Take ’em home, make ’em drink Grey Goose

Ricky Reed is Real drops July 23 (Ricky Reed’s birthday!), pre-order on iTunes or Amazon now!


[Throwback Thursday] Three 6 Mafia | “Stay Fly”

Let’s be honest, Three 6 Mafia may be one of the dirtiest hip hop groups ever, but they’ve also produce some of the best southern jams in the last decade (look at “International Players Anthem,” (one of the greatest hip hop songs EVER) or the Oscar-winning “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp“). I’ve been on a Three 6 kick lately, and “Stay Fly” showcases both their prowess as rappers, producers, and guys who know how to friggin’ party.

If you bump this one at a party, everyone will be shouting “High-i-i-i-i-i-i”

Trunk on smash.

BC & Merch & Neiliyo Present: The Best of H-Town Mixtape!

OMGZ can you believe it?  BC and Merch have joined mixtape-forming forces with pop-rocker Neiliyo to create “The Best of H-Town Mixtape”!  All of those crazy rappers that were born and raised in Houston, Texas and rap about their southern upbringings are on this mix.  We got some old stuff and even added some newbies.  Make sure to add this to your summer beach cruising CD stash and share with all of your hip-hop lovin’ O.G.’s!

Download Here!


UGK feat. Outkast | “International Players Anthem”

Fat Pat | “Tops Drop”

Lil’ Flip | “Game Over”

Lil’ Keke | “Southside”

Paul Wall | “Break Em Off”

DJ Screw | “Cloverland (Botany Boys)”

Pimp C feat. Mike Jones, Bun B | “Pourin’ Up”

DJ DMD | “25 Lighters”

Bun B feat. Ying Yang Twins | “Git It”

The Hawk | “Haters Luv It (When You Down)”

Slim Thug feat. T.I., Bun B | “3 Kings”

Geto Boys | “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

Devin The Dude | “Jus Coolin”

Lil’ Troy | “Wanna Be A Baller”

Chamillionaire feat. Lil’ Flip | “Turn It Up”

South Park Mexican | “High So High”

Mike Jones | “Mr. Jones”

The Meaning of “Twerk”

Today BC and Merch are here to inform you with the meaning of “twerk”.  You may have seen us use the term “twerk” on numerous occasions and ask yourself, “what does ‘twerk’ truly mean?”  We are here to assist you in extending your slang vocabulary.  Our usage goes back several years and we apply it to carrying out a task with vigor, enthusiasm, and crunkness.  It can be used while at work, out dancing, crumping, booty bouncing, attending a live-music performance, absorbing alcoholic beverages, promoting ones self ond talents, or partying.

“BC and Merch, I still don’t understand the word and its origins!”

Urban Dictionary: v. To work one’s body, as in dancing, especially the rear end. eg: She was twerking it on the dance floor.

Online Slang Dictionary: v. To dance in a sexual manner, usually involving shaking on the buttocks.

According to these definitions, ‘twerk’ is more frequently associated with the act of combining quick pelvic thrust motions and shaking buttocks to create a highly sexual dance move.  We believe the term can be highly appropriate in most any situation.

We interviewed the Queen of Twerking, Miss Big Freedia, while she had her twerk crew at Fun Fest. Check out the interview here.

Here are some examples of using the term “twerk” in the form of song, complimentary of Chingy, Angelo Remon, Cofe feat. Cbake (DJ Bankroe) and Usher.  Any questions?  Class adjourned.

Ying Yang Twins | “Boomerang”

We can’t pass up the opportunity to post a Ying Yang Twins joint. They’ve actually dropped a bit of the straight crunk sound and put more of that old school beat in this one. Oh, and don’t worry, there rhymes are still ridiculous as ever, and make no sense. Don’t dis-respek it!

Ying Yang Twins | “Boomerang” [mp3]

“All I Want For Christmas Is To Get Crunk” Mixtape!

Sick and tired of lame ass Christmas music? Want something to get your tacky Christmas sweater party bumpin and grindin? Well we’ve got the perfect Christmas party playlist with artists like Julian Casablancas, Run DMC, Ludacris, and Ying Yang Twins. Have a baller Christmas and a crunk New Year!

Listen here!

(Download as .zip)


Julian Casablancas | “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”

No Doubt | “Oi To The World”

Kurtis Blow | “Christmas Rappin”

The 69 Boyz | “What You Want For Christmas”

Jackson 5 | “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Ludacris | “Ludacrismas”

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings | “Ain’t No Chimneys”

Dirty Boyz | “All I Want For Christmas Is To Get It Crunk”

Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg | “Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto”

Ying Yang Twins | “Deck Da Club”

Run DMC | “Christmas In Hollis”