BC’s Top-5 Most Anticipated Sets @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012!


For this year’s list, we decided to only choose artists we have NEVER seen before. There were a couple that didn’t make the list (A$AP Rocky, Superchunk, Lagwagon, Doug Benson) but I will definitely be seeing live, any way. There just wasn’t enough room because this year’s line-up is fantastic (as is tradition for FFFF).

5) X

Punk rock got me through my formative high school years of being a pissed-off little brat. Bands like Black Flag, The Germs, Dead Kennedys, and, of course, X, were on that list of “Legendary Punk bands I will never see live.” After this weekend, I will at least be able to cross one of these bands off my list (I’m still waiting on that DK reunion, Jello Biafra).

4) Bun B

I’m ashamed to say that I have never seen Bun B perform live. As an avid fan of UGK (and virtually anything from the Land of the Trill), I’ll make sure to hold up my cup during Bun’s dirty-south set.

3) David Cross

The question is: Why WOULDN’T you want to see half of Mr. Show and Tobias Fünke do stand-up?

2) De La Soul

This is another artist I’m sad to say I have yet to see live. It seems like De La Soul and I have this missed connection every time they come through Austin. I won’t let it happen again. Come Hell or high water, I will be at this set!

1) Run DMC

I’m sorry, but if Run DMC ISN’T on your “Must-See” list, you probably shouldn’t bother going to Fun Fun Fun Fest. Even without the late Jam Master J behind the turntables, this is going to be one of the most legendary sets grace Auditorium Shores.