BC’s Top 50 Fav Hip-Hop Songs of All Time (#20-11)


Well, we’ve made it to the Top 20. This is where things got really difficult for me. I mean, each of these could easily be in anyone’s Top 10. Each one is a classic, in it’s own right, and you won’t be disappointed.

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BC’s Top-5 Most Anticipated Sets @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012!


For this year’s list, we decided to only choose artists we have NEVER seen before. There were a couple that didn’t make the list (A$AP Rocky, Superchunk, Lagwagon, Doug Benson) but I will definitely be seeing live, any way. There just wasn’t enough room because this year’s line-up is fantastic (as is tradition for FFFF).

5) X

Punk rock got me through my formative high school years of being a pissed-off little brat. Bands like Black Flag, The Germs, Dead Kennedys, and, of course, X, were on that list of “Legendary Punk bands I will never see live.” After this weekend, I will at least be able to cross one of these bands off my list (I’m still waiting on that DK reunion, Jello Biafra).

4) Bun B

I’m ashamed to say that I have never seen Bun B perform live. As an avid fan of UGK (and virtually anything from the Land of the Trill), I’ll make sure to hold up my cup during Bun’s dirty-south set.

3) David Cross

The question is: Why WOULDN’T you want to see half of Mr. Show and Tobias Fünke do stand-up?

2) De La Soul

This is another artist I’m sad to say I have yet to see live. It seems like De La Soul and I have this missed connection every time they come through Austin. I won’t let it happen again. Come Hell or high water, I will be at this set!

1) Run DMC

I’m sorry, but if Run DMC ISN’T on your “Must-See” list, you probably shouldn’t bother going to Fun Fun Fun Fest. Even without the late Jam Master J behind the turntables, this is going to be one of the most legendary sets grace Auditorium Shores.

The Knux feat. Kid Cudi | “Run”

“Run” is unlike any tracks I’ve heard by The Knux, but they keep the party going. It has a very pop vibe to it, unlike their usual De La Soul-style hip hop and indie tracks. Kid Cudi throws in a rhyme or two, and sings a hook with a very strange accent (is he trying to sound Jamaican?).

“Run” is going to be featured on their upcoming album, Eraser, due out in September. You can also snag their party anthem, “She’s So Up,” on our South By Southwest Sampler!

The Knux feat. Kid Cudi | “Run” [mp3]

From The Vault: The Knux | “Cappuccino”

Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly series “From The Vault.” We’ll be bringing back some of our favorite songs that we’ve played on our program over the last few years. The ones that got your head bobbin’, or had you jukin’ like a champ.

For our very first “From The Vault,” we had to bring back New Orleans hip hop bros Krispy and Al, aka The Knuckle Brothers, aka The Knux. Their debut album, 2008’s Remind Me In 3 Days, is one of the best hip hop albums we’ve heard in a long time. They bring in influences from De La Soul to Naughty By Nature to The Prodigy.

With their first single, “Cappuccino,” you can feel the late 80s-early 90s hip hop vibes, with thumping bass and funky guitars. Enjoy that shizz.

The Knux | “Cappuccino” [mp3]