Daft Punk ft. Pharrell & Niles Rodgers | “Get Lucky” Leaked!


After well over a month of hype which kicked off with a 15-second SNL commercial. Then, over the weekend, ANOTHER, longer teaser video was released for the song “Get Lucky.” It featured the soulful Pharrell Williams, as well as funk-disco legendary producer Niles Rodgers, and the Robots sitting in on bass and drums. And did I mention they were all wearing Michael Jackson-style shiny suits?

Since then, people have been remixing and looping these small clips and trying to pass them off as leaks.

Let me start off by saying this “leak” was played on a Dutch radio station, who stated they believe this isn’t the final mix of “Get Lucky,” (Pharrell’s vocals sound a bit flat) but it’s about as close as we’re gonna get before Random Access Memories drops on May 21. Take what you can get, I always say.

Funktastic Friday: March 22


We here at BCandMerch.com are firm believers in letting it all hang out on Fridays. It’s the end of the work week, it’s time to get crunk, and get yo groove on. And what better way to do that than with some funky tunes! So we’ve decided to kick off your weekend with a list of spectacular, bass-filled tunage to get you goin’.

We’ll get it started with some disco-funk, thanks to the lovely Cheryl Lynn.

I had to throw one of my all-time favs, The Brothers Johnson’s “Stomp!” If this song doesn’t get you going, you obviously don’t understand rhythm.

And just for good measure, here’s The Hood Internet’s nice mash-up of JT’s “Suit & Tie” with the Daft Punk mystery track (only 30 seconds of it was aired during Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago).

TGIFF (Thank God It’s Funktastic Friday)

[NEW] Calvin Harris | “Feel So Close (Radio Rip)”

Excuse the Brit talking in the beginning/end, and the random tags, after all, this is a radio rip. But man is this song good! Funky and danceable, as all Calvin Harris tracks should be. It makes me all the more jealous that I didn’t make it to Ultra Fest this year to see him. I cannot wait until the full mp3 is released (leaked, either way).

[NEW] Calvin Harris | “Feel So Close (Radio Rip)” [mp3]