[Review] Geto Boys @ Emo’s East 1.26.2013


14 years of patience and I FINALLY got to see legendary Houston hip hop trio and godfathers of Southern rap, Geto Boys. I can remember convincing my grandmother that she should take my brother and I to see Office Space in theaters (I was 12 and my grandmother was too sweet to think we would want to go to an “inappropriate” film). With artists like Ice Cube, Biz Markie, Kool Keith, and of course, Geto Boys, the soundtrack to that movie solidified my love for hip hop.

Though Willie D, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill are over 40, that didn’t stop them from bringing the house down at Emo’s East on Saturday night.

The show started off with each member coming out and performing some of their solo songs before they kicked it up a notch and tore up classic tracks like “Gangster of Love,” “Chuckie,” My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me,” and, of course, “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster.”

Willie D and Scarface even jumped off the set-list a few times to do some freestyles and beat boxes. But the best part of the night was Scarface’s awkwardly awesome facial expressions as he and Willie D tried to keep a leash on the incredibly drunk Bushwick Bill. Bushwick was downing Jagermeister and more or less stumbling around the stage, but, to my surprise, didn’t skip a beat when it came to his rhymes.

I would have hoped for better video and some good photos, but there was so much ganja smoke filling the venue that my Android camera was rendered almost useless. But here’s my video for “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster,” any way.

Geto Boys 4 Life.

We Are Scientists Review

We were so incredibly stoked to get to hang out with Keith and Chris of We Are Scientists when they swept through Austin last week at Emo’s.  Both of us have been huge fans for many years and have always admired their humorous music videos and party hard lyrics, so we knew we could have a good time talking with them.  They are extremely friendly and sarcastic; reminding us of another crazy duo…BC & Merch!  Check out our interview because you won’t want to miss out on some of the wild topics that arose, including Will Smith.  And yes, they are just as pretty in person.  Merch even got to touch Keith’s hair.

[Review] Electric 6 @ Emo’s – Austin, TX

Electric 6 have apparently played Emo’s twelve times, and I’ve seen them there 7, and all in just over 3 years. To say that Electric 6 is a touring machine is a huge understatement. But relentless touring allows them to perfect their live set (which they undoubtedly have), adopt a large following, and be supported by a slew of awesome acts (i.e. The Willowz, Bang Camaro, Local H).

Electric 6, fronted by the ridiculous Dick Valentine, bring in the type of audience you would expect in a dive bar. Everyone is three sheets to the wind and ready to rumble (There have been at least a few scuffles every time I’ve seen E6), but they friggin’ love this band.

This time around, hot off the release of Zodiac, the guys brought forth the rock with grungy guitar riffs and a great cover of The Spinners‘ “Rubberband Man.”

The Colonel

Smorgasbord! (Left) and Johnny Na$hinal (right)

The Man himself, Dick Valentine.

Silk, it's what's for dinner.

We Are Scientists | “Nice Guys” Video

This friends, is one of the reasons why we have always been faithful lovers I mean faithful fans of We Are Scientists.  We saw them in Austin a few years ago, and we cannot wait until they come back October 28th at Emo’s. ROCK.  The boys made this video themselves, and had this caption written on their site. We had to include it.

written by We Are Scientists:

***SK8 OR DAIEEEEEE!!*** That’s the theme of this badass motherfucking video. To make it, Keith pulled some of the dopest, most dangerous sk8 moves of all time, breaking many world sk8 records. Meanwhile, Chris risked his life filming these moves through whatever means were necessary, which included sk8ing around with a camera on his shoulder — WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU SAW THESE TWO FUCKING MADMEN SK8ING AROUND TOGETHER?!?! Duck and cover, is all you really could do. Call FEMA. (Shot, chopped, & cropped by We Are Scientists)

TONIGHT @ Emo’s: Titus Andronicus & Whitman

Get ready for an epic show of epicness and get ready to rock your faces off at Emo’s tonight.  Check out the outside stage for our good friends of Whitman followed by Titus Andronicus!  The Strange Boys will be kickin’ it inside with a few other bands.

It’s $12 at the door, and make sure to get there by 9:30 because Whitman goes on at 10 sharp!  If you find Merch at the show and say you came to see Whitman because of this post…she will buy you a beer.  No joke.

here’s the line up:

Outside Stage:
YELLOWFEVER (11p – 11:45p)
WHITMAN (10p – 10:45p)

Inside Stage:

BC & Merch Interview Woodhands! Hilarity Ensues

Last week we were lucky enough to sit down with the dancey-duo known as Woodhands.  As you know, we talk about them all the time and have been playing their tracks since the beginning of our show.  We were stoked to chat with them before their performance at Emo’s. Their set was super high-energy and had audience members yelling out, “Where are y’all from?!”  Dan and Paul, who make up Woodhands, told us our interview pumped them up before the show, so we hope you enjoy it.

Merch loves Paul's socks

Obey the keytar.

Woodhands @ Emo’s 4/23/2010

One of our favorite live acts is returning to Austin THIS FRIDAY!

Canadian dance-rock duo Woodhands is playing at Emo’s with jam-band Lotus.

If you haven’t heard these guys (which would be difficult considering how many times we’ve played them on our show, an assload)or have somehow missed the posts we’ve done about them (i.e. Best Show & Best Find of 2009, Bands to See @ SXSW 2010), then you better jump on the bandwagon quick!

Woodhands bring on the dance with insane synth thanks to vocalist/keyboardist Dan Werb and sick drumming/rhymes via Paul Banwatt.

When we saw them at SXSW 2009, Merch danced so hard she threw up. Now, ask yourself if you’d really want to miss that?!

Here’s their new single, CP24, of their new album Remorsecapade: