Daft Punk – “SNL Commercial” Remix Edition


It’s amazing what someone can do with a 15-second music clip. Since Daft Punk debuted the ambiguous ad during Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, DJs and producers have been remixing the hell out of it. Note that the 15-second ad featured only a Daft Punk logo, some un-named new music, and their two robot heads.

People didn’t know if that meant DP was going to release a new album (it’s been 8 years since Human After All), a new song, or if they were just going on new tour. A few days ago, they announced a new album, Random Access Memories, with a release date of May 21st.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite remixes of that 15-second clip for your enjoyment.

1) Basic Physics turned the funk down and the Rave up on his remix. It takes a bit to get there, but you’ll be fist-bumping in no time.

2) WarholaFake gave us his interpretation of what the entire song could sound like. I think he’s pretty close to what Daft Punk may have in mind.

3) My personal favorite, Chicago DJs/Producers, The Hood Internet, extended the clip and mashed it with Justin Timberlake’s fantastic, “Suit & Tie.” Awwww yeah.

[MASHUP MONDAY] Madeon v. Katy Perry (TeeTs Mashup)

I know you kids have missed us since we took off for summer, but even BC and Merch need some down time to rehydrate and throw their party pants in the wash (they’re straight-stankin’ right now). But, have no fear, we are back with a vengeance, and we promise we won’t leave you ever again. Ever, ever. Ever, ever, ever.

Prepare for an epic Mashup Monday! This TeeTs Mashup is electro-pop producer Madeon and the big-boobed pop princess herself, Katy Perry. The song sounds like it should be in a blockbuster movie trailer with its huge synth track and Perry’s wailing vocals.

Mashup Monday is the perfect way to kick off the work week, enjoy!

Madeon vs. Katy Perry – Wide Awake for the Finale (TeeTs Mashup) (download here)

[Mashup Monday] D.VELOPED – Totally Recalled (Flosstradamus Mashup)

After some copyright issues with their original version of “Total Recall,” Flosstradamus gets a mashup remix by North Carolina (RAISE UP!) producer D.VELOPED.

There’s samples of Beastie Boys, Lil’ Jon, Outkast, The Gorillaz, and Quad City DJ’s. Hollaaaaa

[Mashup Monday] Jay Nebra | “Snapback Krunk (Chris Brown, Tyga v. Wick-It The Instigator)”

It’s been a bit since we did a Mashup Monday, so we decided it we needed a big come back. Jay Nebra’s “Snapback Krunk” mashes Tyga and Chris Brown’s “Snapbacks Back” and Wick-It The Instigator’s electro-banger “Future Krunk.”

Bump this one LOUD.


Scissor Sisters | “Only The Horses”

Everybody knows how much we love the Scissor Sisters. After 6 years of rocking to their infectious disco grooves, you would think I’d be more skeptical of the new direction they seem to be going in. “Only the Horses” is the lead single off their upcoming album, Magic Hour, and it’s a synth-heavy house jam, the first time I’ve ever imagined Scissor Sisters playing at a rave. It was produced by Calvin Harris and Alex Ridha (of Boys Noize).

As for the video, I’m not sure what the hell is going on. There’s horses (of course), and paint, and a pyramid, and more paint. And the folks on the YouTube comment section let the Sarah Jessica Parker jokes fly. You know, sometimes I can appreciate a good trolling.