Kanye West performs “Bound 2” w/ Charlie Wilson & The Roots on Jimmy Fallon

To say Yeezus was an utter disappointment to me, may be a little harsh, but if you think about it, Kanye’s latest (and overly-hyped) album just sounded like a continuation of Watch The Throne and G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer. It all sounded the same to me. And this is coming from someone who has worshiped Yeezy from College Dropout. I thought he could do no wrong, musically, until Yeezus. The one stand-out track is “Bound 2,” a soulful jam that recalls Kanye’s first 3 albums.

He brings out Charlie Wilson and The Roots to play the track with him, and it’s pure hip hop beauty that reminds me why I always forget Ye’s shortcomings (except for Kanye’s outfit, I can’t forgive that).

BC’s Top 50 Fav Hip-Hop Songs of All Time (#10-1)


Well, we’ve reach the pinnacle… the BEST OF THE BEST… the Rocky of Hip Hop lists, if you will. Or Rambo. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way. Or whatever.

I have listened to each of these songs hundreds, if not thousands, of times. They are in heavy rotation every time I DJ, as well as in my car and my iTunes… and in my heart. (Insert sad fog-horn here)

Now, before I ramble too much, let’s finish this bad boy.

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[NEW] Big Sean | “Fire”


Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with Big Sean in the last year or so. But, in anticipation of his 2nd album, Hall of Fame, he’s let a few songs slip out. “Big Fire” is one of those songs and it’s what I’ve been waiting for in a hip hop song. It has a pounding beat and a soulful hook, and you know how I love that (I’m looking at you, pre-808s Kanye).

The Best of Daft Punk… Remixes & Samples


It’s been a long eight years since Daft Punk released Human After All, so you know the World was thrown into chaos at the announcement of a new album. Finally, Random Access Memories has been released (officially) TODAY, therefore, making it the greatest day ever… DAFT PUNK DAY!

We’ve compiled 10 (or so) of the best uses of Daft Punk’s music through remixes and samples. Some of them are right on the money for a pop hit, some are completely nuts, but they are all Daft Punk.

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[New Release] Kanye West feat. DJ Khaled | “Theraflu”

Finally got some new Kanye! This one features DJ Khaled and production by Hit-Boy, and a bangin’ beat. West drops a few names on this one, too. He gives respect to Wiz Khalifa (even though Wiz is currently engaged to Kanye’s ex Amber Rose), disses PETA and Kris Humphries, and says he was in love with Kim Kardashian. At this point, nobody knows what the hell ‘Ye is talking about, but who cares, it’s friggin’ Kanye West.

[Premiere] Jay-Z & Kanye West | “N*ggas In Paris” [Video]

Jay-Z & Kanye’s “Niggas In Paris” has been blowing up clubs since it was released as a single back in September, so it’s kind of crazy (or “cray” as Kanye would say) that they are just now releasing a video. Filmed at the L.A. Staples Center during the December 13 date of the Watch The Throne Tour, the video is live footage chopped in with insane visuals like panthers, cityscapes, topped off with this mirroring effect. Oh, and keep an eye out for Kanye’s ridiculous leather kilt-thing.

It’s one of the most original (and bizarre) videos I’ve seen in a long time, and I absolutely love it.

WARNING: This video could cause epileptic seizures, so maybe don’t watch it standing up. That shit cray.

Sorry, the embed code isn’t working, but you can check it here: “Niggas In Paris” [Video]