BC & Merch have PR. Rawk!

BC & Merch are totally legit now because we have our own baller PR video!

BC’s good friend, and PR major at UT, Garrett Brown, decided to make a promotional video for us! He came into the studio for a few of our shows to film us in action as we do what we do best, twerk.

We love the video and all of its ridiculous glory, so we hope you do too! Thanks again to Garrett for making us seem just as insane as we really are.

Check it out:

KTSW’s MR. Fest: April 30-May 1

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for My Radio Fest in San Marcos, TX.  This is the third year KTSW has thrown a free festival, and this time it’s taking up two days.  Last year BC and Merch planned it out, and this year we are MC’s for the big sha-bang on Saturday night!  The Black and White Years and Zlam Dunk will be headlining Friday night, and The Soldier Thread and This Will Destroy you will finish off Saturday.  There will also be a market on the town square, so make sure to check out the poster below for all the bands and cool stuff. Support your local radio and music and head over to downtown San Marcos today and tomorrow for FREE.

For more information you can check out the MR. Fest blog or head over to KTSW.net.

Zeale tears it up with BC & Merch!

As you all know, we had our last show on KTSW last night, and it was BALLER to the 10th degree!

We had Austin-rapper Zeale come in and play a few tracks off of his new EP, Robot Radio, and let us tell you, it sounds great. Two of the songs feature Yadira Brown, singer for Austin dance-band L.A.X.

Then, Zeale decided he hadn’t quite blown everyone’s minds, so he busted a sick freestyle LIVE on the air! Here it is, in case you missed out:

We also had our homies Jill and Aaron from Knuckle Rumbler come hang out and talk about Robot Parade, the Zeale EP release party, on Friday night at Beauty Bar in Austin (they helped put the event together). L.A.X. and Gobi will also be performing, and Neiliyo is hosting! It’s only $5 if you RSVP, and it’s not an event to miss!

Presented by Knuckle Rumbler and Do512

You can also download Zeale’s new single, Digital Swagger, for FREE on his site: www.zealerapz.com

BC and Merch’s Last Show On-Air!

BC and Merch are signing off? WTF?!  Tonight is BC and Merch’s last show on-air at KTSW.

We caught wind of a secret performance by Zeale that is goin’ on tonight at DO512‘s Speakeasy Superstar Kick Off. He goes on at 9pm sharp, so check out more info here.  After Zeale performs at Speakeasy, he is heading over to do an in-studio performance with us!  Make sure to tune in by clicking “Listen Live” at KTSW.net, 10 to midnight. We will also have our friends at Knuckle Rumbler hangin’ out!

Artist of the Week: Zeale

This week we are featuring one of Austin’s finest up and coming hip-hop artists, Zeale.  He played over 12 shows during SXSW, and we will be playing two of  his tracks back to back on tonight’s radio program.  We always try to find solid, underground hip-hop and we have been taken aback by Zeale’s free-styling techniques.

You can also check him out at  The Robot Parade at Beauty Bar, Friday April 30th, hosted by our pal Neiliyo. Knuckle Rumbler, DO512 and others are presenting another baller dance events, this time celebrating Zeale’s EP release, along with GOBI, L.A.X., and a DJ set by Hot Britches and Richard Gear.  Make sure you RSVP for this shizz!

Make sure to tune in to The Party Line radio program TONIGHT by streaming live from your computer at www.KTSW.net! We are on 10-midnight and will be playing some super badass dance, rock, and hip hop.

6 Bands You Can’t Miss At SXSW 2010… Or You Will Die.

South by Southwest is just around the corner and odds are you took one glance at the ridiculously long schedule and said “Fuck it, I’ll just go to whatever my friends are going to.” Well, you are a lazy d-bag, but luckily for you, BC and Merch have made a list of bands you need to see at South By and failure to do so could end with you in the bottom of Town Lake… Just kidding, it’s more likely you’ll just be taken away by a swarm of homeless under I-35.

Anyway, here’s the list, consume it within yourself… and smoke while you are doing so.

Andrew W.K. – How could you NOT want to see Andrew W.K.? Are you against partying? Do you, therefore, hate life? I mean, not only are 95% of his songs about partying, he also hosts a show on Cartoon Network about blowing things up! If only we could all live the life of Andrew W.K. He will be at about a million SXSW parties this year, so make sure to at least see one, or he will come to your house and party your parents to death.

Also, keep an eye out for BC. He’ll be the one Andrew W.K. will be asking security to “remove” from the stage because he isn’t wearing any pants.

Woodhands – Merch will forever remember Woodhands‘ set at SXSW 2009 as the night she danced so hard she threw up (don’t worry, Merch only throws up puppies, rainbows and Care Bears).

These two Canadian dance-commanders will bring the synth and 4/4 beat, as well as some ridiculously kick ass covers (“I Kissed A Girl” and “Electric Avenue” to name a few… that rhymed. Gangster).

We Are Scientists – These guys have a tendency to open for bands at their break-out (Arctic Monkeys in 2006, Kings of Leon in 2008), but they always seem to outshine their headliners. Maybe it’s their silly onstage banter about writing the “sexiest song ever” or that their live performance incites white people dance moves straight outta Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” video… the one where Courtney Cox has that total dude haircut.

Kid Sister & Flosstradamus – Quite possibly the most kick-ass bro/sis combo since The Wonder Twins, rapper Kid Sister and DJ J2K are pairing up to rock your pants right off (in a good way). As half of DJ group Flosstradamus, J2K is actually Kid Sister’s kid brother (just to make things confusing, of course). So, if you didn’t catch Kid Sister at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, you totally suck, because not only was it a great set, she also told Merch “Get up here, bitch!” as she pulled her on stage. How great is THAT? But now you get a chance to make up for it, and Flosstradamus will be there to feed us the dance beats we all need to survive.  

Lyrics Born – One-half of legendary bay-area rap group Latryx, Lyrics Born, brings the funk both on and off the record. Rapping over funk-heavy beats, which includes a full band at his live shows, Lyrics Born will have all the ladies shakin’ their ba-donka-donks on the dance floor (thanks to Urban Dictionary for giving me the proper word for “an extremely curvaceous female behind”). BC missed his chance to see Lyrics Born at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival in 2008, so there’s no way he’ll screw that up again.

Fat Mike (Cokie The Clown) – NOFX frontman Fat Mike as a coked-up clown, what about that sounds uninteresting? Nothing, that’s what. In addition to his extremely creepy make up, Cokie sports a giant “gag” flower. But instead of spraying people with water, the flower (hooked up to a CO2 cartridge) explodes powder into victim’s faces. Classic Fat Mike, someone will kick his ass one day. At least he got his iPhone stolen recently.

Here’s a list of other kick-ass SXSW schedules, along with top picks, you may want to check out:

BC – (Andrew WK, Lyrics Born, Fat Mike) – Ultimate Schedule of DEATH

In-Studio Guest: Austin Town Hall

SXSW is nearly 20 days away, and we are stoked.  What better way to express our eagerness than to have a local music/media guru come in and chat with us about what’s going on?

Tonight Ryan Ray, founder and editor of Austin Town Hall, will be joining us in the studio to talk about their showcase during SXSW and share his advice on conquering the week-long music festival.

KTSW is a media sponsor for the 2nd annual Austin Town Hall Party featuring international bands such as Let’s Wrestle, Surf City and Lovely Feathers.

The showcase will be held at Ghost Room on March 18th, and it’s FREE if you RSVP! Doors open at 11 a.m. and they will be providing free tacos from Taco Cabana and free coffee from Dominican Joes to jump-start the day.

Make sure to tune in tonight 10-midnight because ATH will be giving away some cool stuff and music downloads to our listeners!  If you can’t catch the 89.9 FM frequency, you can stream us live from any location at www.KTSW.net.

Check out ATH’s post about tonight here. Every Wednesday night is a dance party.