[New Release] Santigold | “Big Mouth”

Our favorite Philly diva, Santigold, is back with a new single (and a ridiculously 90s-quality video). “Big Mouth” offers Santigold’s signature world music-meets-new wave sound, and she even takes a jab at Lady Gaga (in the video a Lady Gaga-like mermaid is eaten by a cartoon tiger… excellent!). It’s good to know after 2+ years without releases, Santigold is bringing back the flavor.

Look out for a new album this Spring.

DOSVEC | “Midnight Mashup (M83 v. Lady Gaga v. Cataracs)”

There must be something about using M83’s recent hit “Midnight City” in a mash-up, because this is the second time we’ve done a write up on another kick-ass mash using the same track.

This time around, producer DOSVEC goes HAM on M83, and blends in Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” and “Love Game,” Fabolous’ “Holla Back,” Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It,” and even our boy Wallpaper’s party anthem “#STUPiDFACEDD.”

https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F31007228 DOSVEC “Midnight Mashup” by DjWhatt

DOSVEC | “Midnight Mashup” [mp3]

[MASH-UP MONDAY] Mashup-Germany | “Top of the Pops 2011(What The F*ck)”

If Girl Talk did far more cocaine than he (undoubtedly) already does, and he was a much better and more creative prodcuer, you would get Mashup-Germany. We’ve already done write-ups on his fantastic Chiddy Bang/Iyaz mash-up, and included his insane “Enjoy Yourself” mash on this year’s Summer Sampler.

“Top of the Pops 2011 (What The Fuck)” is essentially a “greatest hits” mash-up of almost every pop track imaginable from 2011. There are over 25 samples from this years Top 40 songs (you can see the full list here), and they all combine to form one insanely over-the-top dance/house/pop fiasco. Prepare to hear this a million times on New Year’s Eve.

And, as usual, Mashup Germany includes a kick ass mash-up video. Enjoy!

BC & Merch Beatdown: Jessie J | “Do It Like A Dude”

We have recently come across some awful music + videos, and we can’t help but share them with you guys.  Look, we are open to many different types of music, but sometimes we have to rip the bad stuff a new one.  Do you ever ask yourself, “how the heck did these guys get picked up and thrown on the radio?”  Feel free to leave comments or email us if you do not appreciate the cruel comments and snide remarks that are about to take place…but you’ll probably agree with us.

Merch:  Ok. So this chick is a combination of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and the throaty chick from Sugarland. Seen it 4 times over.

BC: I think the fact that she’s nothing new is over shadowed by the fact that she sucks so incredibly much.

Merch: She switches styles like four times; rapping, “singing”, attempting reggae, it’s just awful.  Are we being way too critical, or do others agree? I mean, I found this posted on a fairly well-known blog who praised the underground lesbian scene shown in the video.

BC: I think she’s just trying to be more “edgy” than the other female pop stars. But then, they’re all trying to be “edgy” too. And they all suck. Oh, and she’s got a wicked case of herp on her lips. And it must be infected because it’s all black. I guess that’s what happens when you “do it like a dude.” Black herpies.

Merch: What, you wouldn’t wanna mack out with studded-herpified lips BC? Yeah, let’s see what our fans think about this chick.

Girl Talk | “Oh No” & “Get It Get It”

The mash-up guru, Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis), dropped his latest album, All Day, on Monday, for FREE.

There isn’t a whole lot different with this album versus everything else he’s done. Each track is jam-packed with samples, but here are two of our favorite new ones.

Girl Talk | “Oh No” [mp3] (Samples of Black Sabbath, Ludacris, The Ramones, California Swag District, Missy Elliot, and Dorrough)

Girl Talk | “Get It Get It” [mp3] (Samples of Lady Gaga, Soulja Boy, Daft Punk, Rage Against The Machine, Kid Cudi, MGMT, 2 Live Crew)

Lissie | “Pursuit of Happiness” (Kid Cudi cover)

Known for her folksy sound and amazing voice, Lissie has put out yet another pop cover.  She recently did a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and this time around she’s hittin’ up our boy Kid Cudi.  Her new album, Catching a Tiger, released this past August.

We caught her awhile back at the Presbyterian Church downtown Austin and she can definitely belt it out.  Check the mp3 out below.

Lissie | “Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Kudi cover) [mp3]