Official Hank | “Feel Good”


New York’s Official Hank blends the soulful vocal styling of Prince with the danceable beats of the Scissor Sisters or pop-sensation Mika. He hooked up with producer Heather Holley of Elicit Music (she worked with Christina Aguilera) for his single, “Feel Good,” will keep you dancing whether your at a party or in the clubs.

Here’s a video of a flash mob dancing to “Feel Good”:

We hooked up with Official Hank through our good friend and New York liaison, Jonathan of Orange Juice And Biscuits.

Wallpaper | “Puke My Brains Out”

Ricky Reed and the party brigade are back with a brand new track, that, in my opinion, perfectly sums up Wallpaper perfectly. “Puke My Brains Out” has a banging beat, with some nonsensical rhymes about partying (or something). You won’t be able to stop yourself from sprayin’ champagne on everybody in the immediate vicinity.

If you aren’t puking your brains out, you aren’t partying correctly.

[Throwback Thursday] Fatman Scoop feat. Faith Evans | “Be Faithful”

Taking it back to my high school dances circa 2003. Fatman Scoop turns Faith Evans’ hit “Love Like This” into a friggin’ party anthem. And those bobblehead characters in the video are all sorts of ridiculous. So come on and put yo hands up!

Fatman Scoop feat. Faith Evans | “Be Faithful” [mp3]

Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne | “I Can Only Imagine (Prod. by David Guetta)”

It’s like the Planets of Top 40 have all aligned.

Chris Brown (apparently taking a break from being insane), Weezy, and David Guetta, this is a friggin’ party anthem! It makes all those Black Eyed Peas atrocities look like “droopy-eyed armless children.” (Thanks Sheen)

Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne | “I Can Only Imagine (Prod. by David Guetta)” [mp3]

Wallpaper | “Fucking Best Song Everrr”

Did Wallpaper just make the ultimate party jam? Dare I say, the “Fucking Best Song Everrr”? Oakland’s Ricky Reed, the brains behind Wallpaper, throws every party song element you could imagine into this track: A catchy, sing-along hook on top of a bubbly acoustic guitar, and Reggaeton breakdowns to keep you on the dance floor.

After a few drinks, you’ll be shouting along to this cut like it really is the fucking best song ever.

Wallpaper | “Fucking Best Song Everrr”


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New Year’s Eve w/ N.A.S.A. @ Seaholm Power Plant!

Out of the unbelievable amount of New Year’s events going on tonight, the party at Seaholm Power Plant is getting us the most excited. The renovated power plant itself is a really cool environment for a party, and adding Dj duo N.A.S.A. as headliners makes the deal even more sweet. Oh, and did we mention Ladytron is doing a DJ set as well?

If you haven’t heard N.A.S.A. before, their debut album, The Spirit of Apollo, had cameos from virtually everybody who’s anybody in music. From David Byrne, Chuck D and George Clinton to Santigold, Amanda Blank and Kanye West, the album was chocked full of legends and up-and-comers alike. And for their live set, they bring out go-go dancing aliens and monsters that look straight out of an old Godzilla flick.