Happy Valentine’s Day: “Lovers” Mixtape Part 2

LL Cool J | “I Need Love”

Considered to be the first hip hop ballad, “I Need Love” showed a softer side to rap, paving the way for sap crooners like Drake (much to my dismay). Make no mistake, the song still swoons the ladies like it did in 1987.

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[MASH-UP MONDAY] Mashup-Germany | “Top of the Pops 2011(What The F*ck)”

If Girl Talk did far more cocaine than he (undoubtedly) already does, and he was a much better and more creative prodcuer, you would get Mashup-Germany. We’ve already done write-ups on his fantastic Chiddy Bang/Iyaz mash-up, and included his insane “Enjoy Yourself” mash on this year’s Summer Sampler.

“Top of the Pops 2011 (What The Fuck)” is essentially a “greatest hits” mash-up of almost every pop track imaginable from 2011. There are over 25 samples from this years Top 40 songs (you can see the full list here), and they all combine to form one insanely over-the-top dance/house/pop fiasco. Prepare to hear this a million times on New Year’s Eve.

And, as usual, Mashup Germany includes a kick ass mash-up video. Enjoy!

Basic Physics | “The 300 Club (LMFAO v. Lil Wayne v. Rihanna & more)”

Basic Physics has hit 300,000 listens on SoundCloud, and decided to make the most insane mash-up ever. LMFAO’s “Champagne Showers” provides the back-beat, but he then goes ape-shit, throwing in Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Amanda Blank, Usher, DeadMau5, Chromeo, and Far East Movement, and those are only the ones I could easily pick out.

Basic Physics | “The 300 Club (LMFAO v. Lil Wayne v. Rihanna & more)” [mp3]

Mochi Beats | “Friends Till The End (Mash Up)”

Mochi Beats is quickly becoming one of my favorite mash up DJs, with his Big Boi v. Avicii mash or this new one, “Friends Till The End,” which samples about 15 different songs. Artists on this bad boy include Skrillex, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Waka Flocka, Usher, and Jay Sean.

Mochi Beats | “Friends Till The End (Mash Up)” [mp3]

The Meaning of “Twerk”

Today BC and Merch are here to inform you with the meaning of “twerk”.  You may have seen us use the term “twerk” on numerous occasions and ask yourself, “what does ‘twerk’ truly mean?”  We are here to assist you in extending your slang vocabulary.  Our usage goes back several years and we apply it to carrying out a task with vigor, enthusiasm, and crunkness.  It can be used while at work, out dancing, crumping, booty bouncing, attending a live-music performance, absorbing alcoholic beverages, promoting ones self ond talents, or partying.

“BC and Merch, I still don’t understand the word and its origins!”

Urban Dictionary: v. To work one’s body, as in dancing, especially the rear end. eg: She was twerking it on the dance floor.

Online Slang Dictionary: v. To dance in a sexual manner, usually involving shaking on the buttocks.

According to these definitions, ‘twerk’ is more frequently associated with the act of combining quick pelvic thrust motions and shaking buttocks to create a highly sexual dance move.  We believe the term can be highly appropriate in most any situation.

We interviewed the Queen of Twerking, Miss Big Freedia, while she had her twerk crew at Fun Fest. Check out the interview here.

Here are some examples of using the term “twerk” in the form of song, complimentary of Chingy, Angelo Remon, Cofe feat. Cbake (DJ Bankroe) and Usher.  Any questions?  Class adjourned.

BC & Merch “V-Day” Mixtape

February 14th is around the corner. The day that people love to love, love to complain about, spend way too much money on, or don’t even give anything to your guy/girl. Heck, you may not even realize it’s Valentine’s Day.  Well, we wanted to share an exciting assortment of songs relating to love and some other stuff.  If want to share something with your 542 Facebook friends or your 823 Twitter followers, send this V-Day Mixtape to them so they don’t hate themselves.

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Jackie Moon (aka Will Ferrell) | “Love Me Sexy”

Heavy D & The Boyz | “Now That We Found Love”

David Bowie | “Modern Love”

Red Hot Chili Peppers | “Love Rollercoaster”

Biz Markie | “Just A Friend”

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears | “Bitch, I Love You”

Daft Punk | “Digital Love”

Electric Six | “Slices Of You”

Haddaway | “What Is Love”

Usher (feat. Young Jeezy) | “Love In This Club”

LL Cool J | “I Need Love”

The Darkness | “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”