[VIDEO] Far East Movement feat. Riff Raff | “Illest”


First off. This song is one of those club bangers that you just freak the heck out to. Start sprayin’ them Cristal bottles errwhere (or Andre, if you’re on a budget) as soon as the bass hits.

But let’s get serious about this video. I would lose my damn mind if Riff Raff, Lil Debbie, and Far East Movement crashed my office. Riff Raff alone warrants spiked ICEEs and more herb than anyone could handle. Throw in some completely bonkers cameos from Ricky Reed of Wallpaper (who produced the track) and… wait for it… is that Jeffree Star? Dude. What. The. Eff. is going on in this video? All I know is that Lil Debbie is looking FINE in that lab coat.


Top 9 Best Wallpaper Songs Everrr


In anticipation of Wallpaper’s upcoming second full-length album, Ricky Reed is Real, we’ve collected the best of the best, the dopest of the dope, the crunkest of the crunk, etc. etc. etc. of Wallpaper jams. I imagine Ricky Reed wrote each song while consuming gallons of Four Loko laced with glitter and blaring Michael Jackson tunes.

9) I Ain’t Most Dudes

Man, Wallpaper’s first album, Doodoo Face, was a perfect testament to early part of Michael Jackson’s solo career. Sheer pop/funk brilliance. “I Ain’t Most Dudes” sounds like New Edition’s “Candy Girl” if they were singing about partying in addition to picking up the ladies.

Best line: You are my orange juice//Got to have you every day//Eat you with breakfast and mix you with champagne (That’s a mimosa)//I can show you how to make it

8) Blake Griffinin’

Essentially, this is Wallpaper’s “HAM,” except it’s about Blake Griffin is just a really cool guy. I imagine Blake Griffin listens to this every day. That clap-clap beat is epic, tho.

Best line: You foul out with the chicks five minutes in//I wear em like rings//Scottie Pimpin em

7) Puke My Brains Out

This song is so batshit insane, I don’t even know where to begin. The grinding guitar tears into a party banger. If you feel like throwing beers and going completely nuts, this song is for you. Just keep it off the carpet, please.

Best line: Still up-and-coming//Haven’t came yet//Cuz I’m a zombie//Brain dead.

6) Shotgun

The vocal layering and “girls vs. guys” call-and-response bridge in “Shotgun” will force even the most silent of listeners to sing along. And when that bass hits, you best be dropping ‘bos like your life depended on it.

Best line: I said “Hey, champagnin’! Got no plans in the mornin’.

5) T-Rex

Sweet synth meets cheesy pick-up lines. It’s all a girl has ever wanted.

Best line: I go big on the weekends//I go T-rex

4) Fucking Best Song Everrr

Is it hip hop or is it pop? It’s hip hop. No wait. It’s pop. No wait… it’s Spanish? Seriously, I don’t know where Ricky Reed was going with this one, but I friggin’ love it. It’s a great tune for a night drive with the top down and all of your friends are singing along. Or, if you’re just drink, sloppily trying to tell your buds how much they mean to you. “Cuz you’re like… the BEST, man. I love you guys.” And then you pass out on the floor.

Best line: I think that she want me to get up in her tummy//That’s why the call me “gutsy

3) ddd

Start out my snapping along, then let the bass groove pull you in. This is one of my favorite Wallpaper songs because of the ridiculously hilarious lyrics. Take it from Ricky Reed: Don’t throw a party at your model girlfriend’s loft because some homeless dude will steal your iPod. Or something. I don’t know. Let’s go to Trader Joe’s.

Best line: My friends are always telling me, “You’ve got gangster sensibilities”//I’m like “Duh duh duh. I don’t know what you mean, but I’m really glad you’re feelin’ me”//My girlfriend’s always telling me, “You gotta start paying utilities

2) I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted

This song is my JAM. It’s got a killer groove beat and you can’t help but break it down during the chorus. It even has a few guitar licks straight out of MJ’s “P.Y.T.” Ricky Reed’s lines are more cocky than Kanye West. Dude’s a lady killer.

Best line: I gotta say I’m lookin’ good//I’d hit on myself if I could


This is the THE party anthem. For any party. At any time. Just have a huge subwoofer and plenty of booze. Within the first 2 seconds of “StupidFacedd,” you know this song is about to make your head explode. Ricky Reed brings out the Barry White baritone vocals and throws enough trunk-rattling bass at you that your grand kids are gonna come out shaking.

Best line: Face-down in a blood-stained carpet//Get chicks at the farmer’s market//White girls buy produce//Take ’em home, make ’em drink Grey Goose

Ricky Reed is Real drops July 23 (Ricky Reed’s birthday!), pre-order on iTunes or Amazon now!

[NEW] Wallpaper | “Hesher”


It’s been a while, but it appears the Wallpaper gang is finally back to bangin’ 808 beats and ridic hooks with their latest track, “Hesher.” Not that we didn’t enjoy their ventures into pop territory, but we love the group that brought us “#STUPiDFACEDD” and “Shotgun.”

Wallpaper’s upcoming album, Ricky Reed is Real, is due out July 23.

Keep up the good work, Ricky Reed.

Animal Fighting Championship presents… Wallpaper | “The Underdog”


Lions, tigers, bears… and unicorns, frogs, and PAINT FIGHTS!

Wallpaper debuts his latest track with a video created by The Nerdist. The video is fantastic, and fits the track perfectly. The song, itself, is a departure for Wallpaper, as it skips his usual ridiculous hip hop schtick for a Fun.-esque pop anthem.

Wallpaper | “Puke My Brains Out”

Ricky Reed and the party brigade are back with a brand new track, that, in my opinion, perfectly sums up Wallpaper perfectly. “Puke My Brains Out” has a banging beat, with some nonsensical rhymes about partying (or something). You won’t be able to stop yourself from sprayin’ champagne on everybody in the immediate vicinity.

If you aren’t puking your brains out, you aren’t partying correctly.

Wallpaper | “Blake Griffinin”

We have no shame in letting you know just how much we love Wallpaper. They’re songs are ridiculously silly, but insanely infectious. Let’s take their latest release, “Blake Griffinin.” It’s about Clippers forward and ESPN highlight poster-boy Blake Griffin, and how awesome he is. I’m pretty sure “Blake Griffinin” is just another way of saying you are kicking ass, or going hard, or something. It doesn’t really matter because the track is dope (it already hit #1 on the Hype Machine “Popular” list) and Wallpaper never fails.