From The Vault: Woodhands | “I Wasn’t Made For Fighting”

One of our main obsessions in the world of electro-dance madness is wrapped up in the devilish duo known as Woodhands.  We found out about them back in ’08 and were stoked to see them live for the first time at SXSW in ’09. These two dudes are the epedemy of nerdy-genius musicians, and it shows in their live performance and three awesome albums.  We had the chance to sit down and talk smack with Dan and Paul last year, where we shared ridiculous and awkward stories including Merch dancing so hard at their first show she puked afterwards (no liquid courage involved).

BC: They were definitely one of the most fun bands we’ve interviewed, not to mention how insane their live performances are.

Merch: Our chat with them went on way too awkwardly long, and I loved it.  I also enjoyed Paul playing drums in his socks.

BC: It was strange that they were on tour with Lotus. Watching all of those stoned hippies try to figure out their music was classic. They got them all dancing, though, so mission accomplished.

Merch: I think what I love about their music is that it’s so energy infused that you can’t help but lose control.

BC: Exactly, it’s like Electric Six meets Young Love. Mmmm electro-goodness.

So here’s to our boys of Woodhands, and the first track that got us hooked:

And here’s another one of our favs:

Woodhands | “Dancer” [mp3]


BC & Merch Interview Woodhands! Hilarity Ensues

Last week we were lucky enough to sit down with the dancey-duo known as Woodhands.  As you know, we talk about them all the time and have been playing their tracks since the beginning of our show.  We were stoked to chat with them before their performance at Emo’s. Their set was super high-energy and had audience members yelling out, “Where are y’all from?!”  Dan and Paul, who make up Woodhands, told us our interview pumped them up before the show, so we hope you enjoy it.

Merch loves Paul's socks

Obey the keytar.

Woodhands @ Emo’s 4/23/2010

One of our favorite live acts is returning to Austin THIS FRIDAY!

Canadian dance-rock duo Woodhands is playing at Emo’s with jam-band Lotus.

If you haven’t heard these guys (which would be difficult considering how many times we’ve played them on our show, an assload)or have somehow missed the posts we’ve done about them (i.e. Best Show & Best Find of 2009, Bands to See @ SXSW 2010), then you better jump on the bandwagon quick!

Woodhands bring on the dance with insane synth thanks to vocalist/keyboardist Dan Werb and sick drumming/rhymes via Paul Banwatt.

When we saw them at SXSW 2009, Merch danced so hard she threw up. Now, ask yourself if you’d really want to miss that?!

Here’s their new single, CP24, of their new album Remorsecapade:

6 Bands You Can’t Miss At SXSW 2010… Or You Will Die.

South by Southwest is just around the corner and odds are you took one glance at the ridiculously long schedule and said “Fuck it, I’ll just go to whatever my friends are going to.” Well, you are a lazy d-bag, but luckily for you, BC and Merch have made a list of bands you need to see at South By and failure to do so could end with you in the bottom of Town Lake… Just kidding, it’s more likely you’ll just be taken away by a swarm of homeless under I-35.

Anyway, here’s the list, consume it within yourself… and smoke while you are doing so.

Andrew W.K. – How could you NOT want to see Andrew W.K.? Are you against partying? Do you, therefore, hate life? I mean, not only are 95% of his songs about partying, he also hosts a show on Cartoon Network about blowing things up! If only we could all live the life of Andrew W.K. He will be at about a million SXSW parties this year, so make sure to at least see one, or he will come to your house and party your parents to death.

Also, keep an eye out for BC. He’ll be the one Andrew W.K. will be asking security to “remove” from the stage because he isn’t wearing any pants.

Woodhands – Merch will forever remember Woodhands‘ set at SXSW 2009 as the night she danced so hard she threw up (don’t worry, Merch only throws up puppies, rainbows and Care Bears).

These two Canadian dance-commanders will bring the synth and 4/4 beat, as well as some ridiculously kick ass covers (“I Kissed A Girl” and “Electric Avenue” to name a few… that rhymed. Gangster).

We Are Scientists – These guys have a tendency to open for bands at their break-out (Arctic Monkeys in 2006, Kings of Leon in 2008), but they always seem to outshine their headliners. Maybe it’s their silly onstage banter about writing the “sexiest song ever” or that their live performance incites white people dance moves straight outta Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” video… the one where Courtney Cox has that total dude haircut.

Kid Sister & Flosstradamus – Quite possibly the most kick-ass bro/sis combo since The Wonder Twins, rapper Kid Sister and DJ J2K are pairing up to rock your pants right off (in a good way). As half of DJ group Flosstradamus, J2K is actually Kid Sister’s kid brother (just to make things confusing, of course). So, if you didn’t catch Kid Sister at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, you totally suck, because not only was it a great set, she also told Merch “Get up here, bitch!” as she pulled her on stage. How great is THAT? But now you get a chance to make up for it, and Flosstradamus will be there to feed us the dance beats we all need to survive.  

Lyrics Born – One-half of legendary bay-area rap group Latryx, Lyrics Born, brings the funk both on and off the record. Rapping over funk-heavy beats, which includes a full band at his live shows, Lyrics Born will have all the ladies shakin’ their ba-donka-donks on the dance floor (thanks to Urban Dictionary for giving me the proper word for “an extremely curvaceous female behind”). BC missed his chance to see Lyrics Born at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival in 2008, so there’s no way he’ll screw that up again.

Fat Mike (Cokie The Clown) – NOFX frontman Fat Mike as a coked-up clown, what about that sounds uninteresting? Nothing, that’s what. In addition to his extremely creepy make up, Cokie sports a giant “gag” flower. But instead of spraying people with water, the flower (hooked up to a CO2 cartridge) explodes powder into victim’s faces. Classic Fat Mike, someone will kick his ass one day. At least he got his iPhone stolen recently.

Here’s a list of other kick-ass SXSW schedules, along with top picks, you may want to check out:

BC – (Andrew WK, Lyrics Born, Fat Mike) – Ultimate Schedule of DEATH

BC & Merch’s Most Twerk-tastic of 2009

Following much debate regarding breakthrough’s of 2009, we decided to tell the world about what we consider our “Most Twerk-tastic of 2009” picks, which are the only opinions that matter, after all. We each posted our top 5 twerk-arific albums, songs, discoveries, concerts and movies. Let us know what you think!

BC’s Picks


1) Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!

Best described as James Brown meets Chris Rock, front man Joe Lewis brings 60s soul and blues and gives it 21st century attitude. With their first single “Bitch, I Love You,” Black Joe and the gang gained national notoriety in early 2009 with a spread in SPIN magazine. The release of their debut full-length, Tell ‘Em… is chocked full of Motown soul and Robert Johnson blues, with Lewis’ own brand of story telling. Tell ‘Em… is refreshing in that it’s the most original sound you’ve already heard.

2) N.A.S.A. – The Spirit of Apollo

3) Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: The End of Day

4) Amanda Blank – I Love You

5) Let’s Go To War – Karmageddon


1) Jay-Z – “Young Forever”

About a month before Jay-Z’s The Blueprint III was released, I was listening to 80’s pop band Alphaville’s single, “Forever Young” and thought how cool it would be if someone rapped over that track. So when I was giving The Blueprint III a first listen on my iPod, track 15 began to play and I thought “How the hell did Alphaville get on this play list?! No way, Jay-Z is NOT going to rap over this!” And wouldn’t you know it, 2 bars into the song, the drum machine kicked in and HOVA entered. True story. I should be a producer, I know. Jay spits rhymes about living life to the fullest, especially with lines like Fear not when, fear not why/Fear not much while were alive/Life is for living not living up tight/See ya somewhere up in the sky. With so many tracks dedicated to dick-measuring, it’s good that Jay can still be inspirational.

2) N.A.S.A. feat. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li – “Gifted”

3) Friendly Fires – “Skeleton Boy”

4) Basement Jaxx – “Raindrops”

5) Passion Pit – “Little Secrets”


1) Woodhands

These Canadian dance-rock fiends really know how to get a dance floor moving, which is something you could never tell by their appearance. Singer/keyboardist Dan Werb looks like an even more boyish Zach Braff and drummer Paul Banwatt looks kind of like comedian Aziz Ansari. But man, after hearing Woodhands “Under Attack (Live Remix)” back in February, I HAD to go buy their album. In fact, “Under Attack” has more plays than any other song on my iPod and three other tracks off their debut are within my top 20 most played songs. Merch and I almost didn’t make it to their set at South By Southwest this year, but we are forever glad we did. Merch literally danced so hard she barfed (that one was for all her gentlemen callers out there. Yummy!) And I can’t wait for their sophomore release, Remorsecapade, which is due out on January 26!

2) Justice

3) Does It Offend You Yeah?

4) Brother Ali

5) The Hood Internet


1) Bruce Springsteen @ Bonnaroo, Manchester, TX – June 13, 2009

Having never seen The Boss in concert before, I was pleasantly surprised at how bat-shit insane his live performance is! I mean, this guy is 60 years old and in much better shape than I am (and as the ladies can attest, is no easy feat…). He was jumping around on the stage, diving into the audience and basically proved he has bigger balls than any 20-something douche trying to compete. You don’t really even have to be an avid Springsteen fan to be entertained by him. So apparently, it is a regular shtick for Springsteen concert-goers to make posters with song requests on them, and Bruce will snatch a bunch of them from the audience, sort through the pile of requests, and jam out a bunch of them. One strange request was “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” in which The Boss said “It’s too fucking hot for Santa!” But being the bad ass he is, Bruce played it any way. Only Bruce Springsteen could bring Christmas in June, bitches!

2) Jay-Z @ Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX – November 10, 2009

3) Pop Unknown @ The Mohawk, Austin, TX – February 21, 2009

4) Passion Pit @ Emo’s, Austin, TX – June 3, 2009

5) Woodhands @ SXSW, Austin, TX – March 18, 2009


1) Star Trek

Being a huge Star Wars fan my entire life, I’ve never really been much of a Trekkie. J.J. Abrham’s revamped take on the Captain Kirk-era Star Trek was visually stunning with a captivating story. Deciding to use time travel to allow for a completely different story to be told is not necissarily a new idea (see, well, every Terminator movie, EVER), but Ahbrams did a great job of using it to make the story of the SS Enterprise actually interesting (no offense, Trekkies).

2) Hangover

3) District 9

4) Inglorious Basterds

5) Zombieland

Merch’s Picks


1.) Them Crooked Vultures-“Them Crooked Vultures”

When I started hearing rumors about this insane trio, I was instantly intrigued. The band came to Austin and played an intimate performance at Austin City Limits followed by the ACL festival without even releasing their album. This was the one festival performance that I was actually star-stricken by. In November they streamed the full album on their Web site and through a mailing list titled, “Fuck the Patience, Let’s Dance.” The album combines sounds unlike any other, but bring in some familiar beats from Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin.

2.) The XX- “xx”

3.) Friendly Fires- “Friendly Fires”

4.) Grizzly Bear- “Vekatimest”

5.) Passion Pit- “Manners”


1.) Friendly Fires- “Skeleton Boy”

This upbeat track attracted dancers by the masses when it released in March. The video alone was amazing, and the song urged listeners to trace down the musicians who created it. When we caught wind of this song and the band, we couldn’t wait to play it on-air. It’s bubbling synths demand flashing lights and a dance floor.

2.) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s -“Heads Will Roll”

3.) Kennedy- “Let It Out”

4.) Empire of the Sun- “Walking On A Dream”

5.) Miike Snow- “Black and Blue”


1.) Woodhands- BC and I both agree on this one!

2.) Amanda Blank

3.) Raphael Saadiq

4.) Grizzly Bear

5.) Kid Sister


1.) Black Joe Lewis @KTSW MR.Fest, San Marcos,TX

This past May I planned a day festival called MR.Fest [My Radio Fest] for our radio station with nearly 20 bands and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears as the headliner. The festival took place at 4 local venues with Black Joe Lewis serving as the grand finale. The San Marcos venue Bar One Forty One, formerly known as Lucy’s, filled to capacity and amazed the crowd with a 2 1/2 hour enthusiastic set. The band members has so much energy and never stopped dancing, and BC and I couldn’t have been more proud of all the hard work we put into the festival…and it paid off. Since then we have watched the gang explode in popularity and continue their awesome live performance.

2). Woodhands -SXSW

3.) Public Enemy- Bonnaroo

4.) Bruce Springsteen- Bonnaroo

5.) Kanye West-SXSW Perez Hilton Party (simply because I got knocked out during the show & paramedics came.)


1.) Avatar

When I first heard about this movie I wasn’t very interested. I like sci-fi movies, but the name alone made me shy away. Catching wind of reviews and ratings from friends I began to gain interest. It blew me away. This movie is an epic visual masterpiece and I truly feel there will never be another movie like it. The ability to influence an audience to turn against its own race is remarkable. After I watched the film I spent hours researching and intrigued to find that planet, species, plants, animals and environment is by scientific explanation. There is even an entire book that describes the planet Pandora! If you loved it as much as I, check out the Discovery News interviews and videos.

2.) Inglorious Basterds

3.) Zombieland

4.) The Hangover

5.) Fantastic Mr. Fox