Drake feat. Lil Wayne | “HYFR (Hell Ya F*ckin Right)”

This is probably my favorite track I’ve heard from Drake’s upcoming sophomore release, Take Care (out November 15). “HYFR” has a laid-back style, but Drake and Weezy still bring the heat.

Drake feat. Lil Wayne | “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin Right)”

Lil Wayne | “Sorry 4 The Wait” Mixtape

No stranger to rapping over, well, anything, Lil Wayne spits over virtually everything on his latest mixtape. He samples Adelle’s “Rolling In The Deep,” Waka Flocka Flame’s “Grove St. Party,” Drake’s “Marvin’s Room,” and of course, Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci.”

Sorry 4 The Wait is essentially an apology from Weezy for pushing back his long-awaited Tha Carter IV, now set to release August 29.

Lil Wayne | “Sorry 4 The Wait” Mixtape [zip]

BC & Merch Beat Down: Porcelain Black

We checked out Katy Perry’s new music video “E.T.” with Kanye, and the suggested video that followed was Porcelain Black “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like”.  Our last Beat Down received hilarious feedback, so we thought we should continue the fresh-new segment. We aren’t trying to be negative, but sometimes there lack so much talent that they should be ‘dismissed’ from the music industry.  Too far? We think not.  So check out this video, see what we have to say, and feel free to leave your own personal feedback.  Game on.

Merch: First things first…what’s up with the Cruella Deville hair do?  Actually, I’m quite impressed with her hair dresser; that hair line is pretty distinct.

BC: She looks like a crackhead hooker mash up of Cruella DeVille and Portia De Rossi. And I assure you, this is NOT what rock n roll looks (or sounds) like.

Merch: Her voice is so incredibly croaky and awful. The video is like “S&M Strippers Goes To High School! Wait, is she Rebecca Black’s older sister?

BC: Maybe she’s actually just a tranny? Or Hatchet Face from Cry Baby?

What’s even more disappointing is that Lil Wayne thought she was good enough to sign her to Young Money Entertainment. Maybe we can just blame his poor decisions on the codeine cocktails.

Merch: I just feel like she’s growling at me, and I don’t like it.

BC: My favorite part of the video is Birdman creepin’ in the gym, plotting to steal the cheerleaders.

Merch: I’d like to think we are very positive critics, but sometimes people just deserve a beat down.  Geez, I sound like Chris Brown.