10 Must-Have New Year’s Eve Party Songs


With everyone releasing their “Top New Year’s Eve tracks” playlists, we figured we should get in on the action. Because, well, they can suck it and we are better. There’s a few on our list that you might expect, and a few that you won’t (Spoiler: That Mariah Carey “Auld Lang Syne” techno-BS is NOT on this list).

10. U2 | “New Year’s Day”

Is this song about changes to come in the New Year? Is it about a soldier trying to get home during WWII? Does anyone really care what Bono is talking about? Who knows. Take whatever meaning you want from the song, but it’s a great rock tune, and it’s been a classic New Year’s song for years. I think everybody forgets that U2 used to play some good rock (a long, long, long time ago).

9. Snoop Dogg feat. Marty James | “New Year’s Eve”

It wouldn’t be a proper song list if there wasn’t a “It’s so bad, it’s good” entry. “New Year’s Eve” is a half-assed attempt at modern hip hop NYE anthem. It has a dumb chorus, and even worse rhymes by Snoop like “11:59 and not a second later// She’s stayin’ in the mix like a crossfader.” Thanks to Snoop Dogg for constantly making terrible songs that we love.

8. Death Cab for Cutie | “The New Year”

I will probably get some shit because Death Cab are not necessarily known for their upbeat songs, or the fact this song was on the “O.C,” but the idea of grabbing this moment and making it what you want is something to be admired. Actually, this is probably one of the most upbeat Death Cab songs ever.

7. Madonna | “Holiday”

I know it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when Madonna made great pop hits and was slutting it up as a hot 20-something (as opposed to slutting it up like a 55-year-old mother of 4). A feel-good dance track about just dropping everything to take a holiday is perfect for NYE. This song is forever a reminder of what Madonna has done for Pop music.

6. Michael Jackson | “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

Though almost any song from Jackson’s Off the Wall would make for a good NYE jam, the infectious groove from “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” springs it past all other New Year’s Eve-worthy MJ tracks. I mean, if you had to pick a song to dance to in a sparkly tuxedo, this is THAT song.

5. Daft Punk | “One More Time”

I’m sad that this song doesn’t show up on more NYE party lists. It’s a techno-pop classic, everyone knows the words (there’s only like 3 lines), it’s about dancing and celebrating, what else could make it a more worthy entry? Nothing. So make sure this is on your playlist come midnight!

4. REM | “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”

Half the fun of this apocalyptic rock classic is trying to sing along with it. Make sure to watch everyone attempt a drunken mumble through the spit-fire, nonsensical verses. Nobody will care because it’s New Year’s Eve and they’re all drunk, but God help you if you miss the “Leonard Bernstein” moment.

3. Earth, Wind & Fire | “September”

This is a perfect NYE jam because it not only encompasses reflecting upon fond memories, but it’s also one of the greatest funk songs ever. When this song kicks on, you better be dancing in a stupid hat with a bottle of cheap champagne in your hand.

2. Kool & The Gang | “Celebration”

Probably the #1 choice for NYE party-goers over the age of 50, and for good reason. It’s got a funky groove, an easy to sing chorus, and a part where you can seriously just yell “Ya-hoo!” It’s called “Celebration,” for crying out loud. It may be cheesy, but come 12:01am, you’ll be singing along just like everyone else.

1. Prince | “1999”

1999 from PRINCE on Myspace.

Because I will use any excuse to listen to Prince. End of the old year? Prince. Beginning of the New Year? Prince. If Prince is playing in the background as the world come to a firey end, I will go out with a smile on my face.

Hump Day Bump’n’Grind w/ Chromeo!


After 3 years, those funk-pop extraoirdinnaires from above the border have released a new track! Chromeo recently released a teaser video for their upcoming album, White Women. Now, they’ve leaked the first single, “Over Your Shoulder,” and it is silky smooth pop goodness.

Top 9 Best Wallpaper Songs Everrr


In anticipation of Wallpaper’s upcoming second full-length album, Ricky Reed is Real, we’ve collected the best of the best, the dopest of the dope, the crunkest of the crunk, etc. etc. etc. of Wallpaper jams. I imagine Ricky Reed wrote each song while consuming gallons of Four Loko laced with glitter and blaring Michael Jackson tunes.

9) I Ain’t Most Dudes

Man, Wallpaper’s first album, Doodoo Face, was a perfect testament to early part of Michael Jackson’s solo career. Sheer pop/funk brilliance. “I Ain’t Most Dudes” sounds like New Edition’s “Candy Girl” if they were singing about partying in addition to picking up the ladies.

Best line: You are my orange juice//Got to have you every day//Eat you with breakfast and mix you with champagne (That’s a mimosa)//I can show you how to make it

8) Blake Griffinin’

Essentially, this is Wallpaper’s “HAM,” except it’s about Blake Griffin is just a really cool guy. I imagine Blake Griffin listens to this every day. That clap-clap beat is epic, tho.

Best line: You foul out with the chicks five minutes in//I wear em like rings//Scottie Pimpin em

7) Puke My Brains Out

This song is so batshit insane, I don’t even know where to begin. The grinding guitar tears into a party banger. If you feel like throwing beers and going completely nuts, this song is for you. Just keep it off the carpet, please.

Best line: Still up-and-coming//Haven’t came yet//Cuz I’m a zombie//Brain dead.

6) Shotgun

The vocal layering and “girls vs. guys” call-and-response bridge in “Shotgun” will force even the most silent of listeners to sing along. And when that bass hits, you best be dropping ‘bos like your life depended on it.

Best line: I said “Hey, champagnin’! Got no plans in the mornin’.

5) T-Rex

Sweet synth meets cheesy pick-up lines. It’s all a girl has ever wanted.

Best line: I go big on the weekends//I go T-rex

4) Fucking Best Song Everrr

Is it hip hop or is it pop? It’s hip hop. No wait. It’s pop. No wait… it’s Spanish? Seriously, I don’t know where Ricky Reed was going with this one, but I friggin’ love it. It’s a great tune for a night drive with the top down and all of your friends are singing along. Or, if you’re just drink, sloppily trying to tell your buds how much they mean to you. “Cuz you’re like… the BEST, man. I love you guys.” And then you pass out on the floor.

Best line: I think that she want me to get up in her tummy//That’s why the call me “gutsy

3) ddd

Start out my snapping along, then let the bass groove pull you in. This is one of my favorite Wallpaper songs because of the ridiculously hilarious lyrics. Take it from Ricky Reed: Don’t throw a party at your model girlfriend’s loft because some homeless dude will steal your iPod. Or something. I don’t know. Let’s go to Trader Joe’s.

Best line: My friends are always telling me, “You’ve got gangster sensibilities”//I’m like “Duh duh duh. I don’t know what you mean, but I’m really glad you’re feelin’ me”//My girlfriend’s always telling me, “You gotta start paying utilities

2) I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted

This song is my JAM. It’s got a killer groove beat and you can’t help but break it down during the chorus. It even has a few guitar licks straight out of MJ’s “P.Y.T.” Ricky Reed’s lines are more cocky than Kanye West. Dude’s a lady killer.

Best line: I gotta say I’m lookin’ good//I’d hit on myself if I could


This is the THE party anthem. For any party. At any time. Just have a huge subwoofer and plenty of booze. Within the first 2 seconds of “StupidFacedd,” you know this song is about to make your head explode. Ricky Reed brings out the Barry White baritone vocals and throws enough trunk-rattling bass at you that your grand kids are gonna come out shaking.

Best line: Face-down in a blood-stained carpet//Get chicks at the farmer’s market//White girls buy produce//Take ’em home, make ’em drink Grey Goose

Ricky Reed is Real drops July 23 (Ricky Reed’s birthday!), pre-order on iTunes or Amazon now!

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell & Niles Rodgers | “Get Lucky” Leaked!


After well over a month of hype which kicked off with a 15-second SNL commercial. Then, over the weekend, ANOTHER, longer teaser video was released for the song “Get Lucky.” It featured the soulful Pharrell Williams, as well as funk-disco legendary producer Niles Rodgers, and the Robots sitting in on bass and drums. And did I mention they were all wearing Michael Jackson-style shiny suits?

Since then, people have been remixing and looping these small clips and trying to pass them off as leaks.

Let me start off by saying this “leak” was played on a Dutch radio station, who stated they believe this isn’t the final mix of “Get Lucky,” (Pharrell’s vocals sound a bit flat) but it’s about as close as we’re gonna get before Random Access Memories drops on May 21. Take what you can get, I always say.

Daft Punk – “SNL Commercial” Remix Edition


It’s amazing what someone can do with a 15-second music clip. Since Daft Punk debuted the ambiguous ad during Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, DJs and producers have been remixing the hell out of it. Note that the 15-second ad featured only a Daft Punk logo, some un-named new music, and their two robot heads.

People didn’t know if that meant DP was going to release a new album (it’s been 8 years since Human After All), a new song, or if they were just going on new tour. A few days ago, they announced a new album, Random Access Memories, with a release date of May 21st.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite remixes of that 15-second clip for your enjoyment.

1) Basic Physics turned the funk down and the Rave up on his remix. It takes a bit to get there, but you’ll be fist-bumping in no time.

2) WarholaFake gave us his interpretation of what the entire song could sound like. I think he’s pretty close to what Daft Punk may have in mind.

3) My personal favorite, Chicago DJs/Producers, The Hood Internet, extended the clip and mashed it with Justin Timberlake’s fantastic, “Suit & Tie.” Awwww yeah.

Funktastic Friday: March 22


We here at BCandMerch.com are firm believers in letting it all hang out on Fridays. It’s the end of the work week, it’s time to get crunk, and get yo groove on. And what better way to do that than with some funky tunes! So we’ve decided to kick off your weekend with a list of spectacular, bass-filled tunage to get you goin’.

We’ll get it started with some disco-funk, thanks to the lovely Cheryl Lynn.

I had to throw one of my all-time favs, The Brothers Johnson’s “Stomp!” If this song doesn’t get you going, you obviously don’t understand rhythm.

And just for good measure, here’s The Hood Internet’s nice mash-up of JT’s “Suit & Tie” with the Daft Punk mystery track (only 30 seconds of it was aired during Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago).

TGIFF (Thank God It’s Funktastic Friday)