[Review] Geto Boys @ Emo’s East 1.26.2013


14 years of patience and I FINALLY got to see legendary Houston hip hop trio and godfathers of Southern rap, Geto Boys. I can remember convincing my grandmother that she should take my brother and I to see Office Space in theaters (I was 12 and my grandmother was too sweet to think we would want to go to an “inappropriate” film). With artists like Ice Cube, Biz Markie, Kool Keith, and of course, Geto Boys, the soundtrack to that movie solidified my love for hip hop.

Though Willie D, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill are over 40, that didn’t stop them from bringing the house down at Emo’s East on Saturday night.

The show started off with each member coming out and performing some of their solo songs before they kicked it up a notch and tore up classic tracks like “Gangster of Love,” “Chuckie,” My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me,” and, of course, “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster.”

Willie D and Scarface even jumped off the set-list a few times to do some freestyles and beat boxes. But the best part of the night was Scarface’s awkwardly awesome facial expressions as he and Willie D tried to keep a leash on the incredibly drunk Bushwick Bill. Bushwick was downing Jagermeister and more or less stumbling around the stage, but, to my surprise, didn’t skip a beat when it came to his rhymes.

I would have hoped for better video and some good photos, but there was so much ganja smoke filling the venue that my Android camera was rendered almost useless. But here’s my video for “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster,” any way.

Geto Boys 4 Life.

Quick Look: Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 1 feat. Bun B, Superchunk, Run-DMC

Here’s a quick look at some videos we took at FFF Fest Day 1!


Bun B


New Year’s Eve 2011-2012 w/ Big Freedia & Turquoise Jeep: The Aftermath

Ringing in the new year with the Queen of New Orleans bounce, Big Freedia, and the ridiculous Turquoise Jeep crew made for one of the most epic nights ever.

The names have been changed in order to protect the innocent… Also, here’s some video!

First up, Turquoise Jeep (the guys who brought you the viral video “Lemme Smang It”), came out hot, with Flynt Flossy doing a freestyle.

Another Flynt Flossy track, “Did I Mention I Like To Dance,” got everyone doing just that. I don’t think I’ve danced so hard in my entire life. The Turquoise Jeep crew even had a dance-off on stage. Flynt’s moonwalk definitely took the cake.

And of course, the Queen Diva, Big Freedia, gets everyone shaking their booties with her track, “Azz Everywhere.” She loves to get the audience involved, including letting them come shake it on stage, but she still dominates when it comes to bouncin.

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day 3

OBN III were frickin’ awesome. Nice mix of hard punk and Rolling Stone-esque rock.

That’s our Buddy Jason Smith!

Davila 666 sing in Spanish yet still have the punk kick.

Oh there you are Ted Leo. Got up on the side stage to watch, pretty baller.

Then it rained, and rained.

Check Merch’s Flickr Page for more pics of FX3.

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day 2

BC: M83 was one of the highlights of my Fun Fun Fun Fest weekend. Especially when they rocked Auditorium Shores with their recent hit, “Midnight City.”

Active Child was really beautiful and surprisingly impressive. Very cool set.

Oh man. Best performance = The Joy Formidable. They rocked. Hard.

The drummer was so happy, couldn’t get enough of the crowd.

Finally got an up and close look/listen to Ra Ra Riot who were amazing!

Cold Cave was a cool touch of The Cure mixed with some more hard-core dance. Very good set, besides the keyboard whipping his hair around.

OH-OH! CHILDISH GAMBINO! Holy crap we have been waiting to see him for so long, so finally we did. His little bad ass self sure can put of a show, and call all the ladies.

Up on stage with Hot Snakes, pretty cool experience. Those guys sure can rock.

For more sweet pics of Day 2, head over to Merch’s Flickr page.

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day 1… featuring Ryan Gosling.

In case you guys missed the 6th Annual Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend, here’s a quick recap of what the BC & Merch crew got themselves into.

BC: I had heard good things about Omar Souleyman, so I was stoked to see him live, and he did not disappoint. Omar and his (completely insane) keyboard player whipped the crowd into a dance frenzy with their Arab sound.

BC: Spank Rock was completely ridiculous. It was as if House Party the movie were thrown up on stage. They rocked the Blue Stage, and even brought out Big Freedia for a song. Things hit maximum crunkness when they covered Splack Pack’s “Shake That Ass Bitch.”

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The Gos, himself, ordering a burrito.

Yacht was cool, other than the fact that she looks like Gaga.

Of course, The Thermals put on an amazing live set.

This was the result of jamming out at FX3. But it’s ok, we had fun little hankies, didn’t we BC?

And we still looked gangster.

And all the girlies and all the boysies called out, “OMGZ I totes love Ry Gos!?!”

Twas a good first day.

Head over here for more photos of Day 1.

BC & Merch & Neiliyo Present: The Best of H-Town Mixtape!

OMGZ can you believe it?  BC and Merch have joined mixtape-forming forces with pop-rocker Neiliyo to create “The Best of H-Town Mixtape”!  All of those crazy rappers that were born and raised in Houston, Texas and rap about their southern upbringings are on this mix.  We got some old stuff and even added some newbies.  Make sure to add this to your summer beach cruising CD stash and share with all of your hip-hop lovin’ O.G.’s!

Download Here!


UGK feat. Outkast | “International Players Anthem”

Fat Pat | “Tops Drop”

Lil’ Flip | “Game Over”

Lil’ Keke | “Southside”

Paul Wall | “Break Em Off”

DJ Screw | “Cloverland (Botany Boys)”

Pimp C feat. Mike Jones, Bun B | “Pourin’ Up”

DJ DMD | “25 Lighters”

Bun B feat. Ying Yang Twins | “Git It”

The Hawk | “Haters Luv It (When You Down)”

Slim Thug feat. T.I., Bun B | “3 Kings”

Geto Boys | “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

Devin The Dude | “Jus Coolin”

Lil’ Troy | “Wanna Be A Baller”

Chamillionaire feat. Lil’ Flip | “Turn It Up”

South Park Mexican | “High So High”

Mike Jones | “Mr. Jones”